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Seat Ibiza Rust repair

Can the rust in my Seat Ibiza be repaired?

Rust is one of the dreaded problems that face owners of older Seat Ibiza's or Seat Ibiza's that are driven in salty conditions. Often occurring in areas that trap moisture, such as behind quarter panels and underneath windscreens, the visible signs of rust include bubbling paint and brown flaking metal. These areas need to be taken care of, otherwise your Seat Ibiza may rust away to nothing!

That’s where rust repairs come in. Depending on the location and severity of rust on your Seat Ibiza, a simple clean off of surface rust and treatment with a rust converter may be all that is required, or full removal of the rotted metal and replacement with fresh metal if the damage is severe. Depending on where the rust is located, the windscreen or other components may need to be removed from your Seat Ibiza to allow access to the affected area.

Panel repair shops, smash repairers or vehicle restoration businesses are the go-to places to have the rust repaired on your Seat Ibiza. You will often be without your Seat Ibiza for a number of days or weeks, depending on the amount of work required. Getting your Seat Ibiza inspected by a professional will guide you on whether these repairs are economical, or if your Seat Ibiza might be better off heading to the great car yard in the sky.

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