Hyundai iLoad/iMax Roof lining repair

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Hyundai iLoad/iMax Roof lining repair

How do I repair my Hyundai iLoad/iMax roof lining?

An area of a Hyundai iLoad/iMax that doesn’t get much notice is the headliner/roof lining, that’s the internal fabric you see overhead, covering the underside of the Hyundai iLoad/iMax’s roof. The roof lining comprises a fabric foam upholstery which attaches to the roof of a Hyundai iLoad/iMax.

Sometimes this liner will detach from the roof from the edges and hang down or you may notice drooping bubble sections where the fabric has partially come away from the roof. If any section of the roof lining isn’t securely fixed to the Hyundai iLoad/iMax’s roof then you should have it repaired.

There are some cheap DIY options that involve glueing the Hyundai iLoad/iMax’s roof liner back into place, using spray adhesives, staples, steam cleaners and double-sided tape however it’s best to use a professional unless you like revisiting it again and again. It will cost around $150 - $500 and it might take them a couple of hours to do, depending on the Hyundai iLoad/iMax variant and repairs required.

Experienced roof lining trimmers/auto upholsterers/motor trimmers have the skills required to do this job properly. They will use high-quality materials and get the job done right so your Hyundai iLoad/iMax’s roof lining is like new again.

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