Hyundai Accent/Excel Reversing camera installation

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Hyundai Accent/Excel Reversing camera installation

Hyundai Accent/Excel reversing camera installation

If your Hyundai Accent/Excel already comes with a reversing camera installed from the factory, then you won’t want to install another one. If it didn’t, you’re in luck! There are plenty of aftermarket reversing camera options available and they pretty much fit any kind of car, including your Hyundai Accent/Excel.

The reversing camera on your Hyundai Accent/Excel will be positioned in the rear panel of the vehicle and be wired in such a way that it will identify when you select reverse on your transmission. Once you're in reverse, the display will show the camera feed. There are a few ways to display the camera feed, depending on what aftermarket options are available for the Hyundai Accent/Excel. 

  • Your existing display unit - It may be possible for the camera to be wired into your existing display.

  • Mount a separate display on your dashboard - If your car does not have a suitable display, you may need to mount one to your dashboard to view the camera feed.

  • Rear view mirror - Known as 'mirror mounted reversing cameras', these kits come with a replacement rear view mirror. When you put your car in reverse, some (or all) of the rear view mirror displays the camera feed. When you're driving normally, the rear view mirror is used as a normal mirror. 

Installing a reversing camera can be quite a complex task and the best way to get it fitted on your Hyundai Accent/Excel is to employ the services of an auto electrician. The professionals may be able to advise on which reversing camera to buy, as the options can be overwhelming.

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