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Rear shudder when braking repair

Infiniti Q30 Rear shudder when braking repair

When there is a rear brake shudder in your Infiniti Q30 it will feel like a grab-and-release type of vibration. It will be coming from the rear of your Infiniti Q30 and you will feel that pulsating sensation through the brake pedal.

The common culprit for rear brake shudder is uneven brake rotors (brake discs). This only occurs in Infiniti Q30’s with brake rotors all round, as drum brakes don’t utilise rotors.

When repairing a rear brake shudder in your Infiniti Q30 it may require more than just replacing or machining the faulty brake rotor/s. Make sure any underlying source of disc thickness variation (DTV) is found and fixed otherwise the same problem will continue to arise.

Brakes in good working order are an essential safety feature on any car, including your Infiniti Q30. Faulty brakes represent a danger to you and other road users and can, obviously, lead to very serious accidents - something you are sure to want to avoid.

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