Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Rear shock absorber replacement

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Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint Rear shock absorber replacement

When should you replace Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint rear shock absorbers?

The rear shock absorbers on your Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint not only provide the benefit of absorbing bumps and undulations but also keep your wheels and tyres on the road to provide proper traction and handling.

Without them, you’d feel every bump in the road and your steering and brakes wouldn’t work very well at all!

Failed or worn shock absorbers also put extra stress on other suspension and steering components, which can wear them out - so it’s best to have them replaced as soon as they show signs of wear or leaking.

When a shock absorber fails it could be slow progression or instant if something breaks. Signs to watch out for failing shock absorber:

  • Continued body motion when the vehicle stops
  • A rough or bouncy ride
  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Leaking fluid around the shock absorber
  • Vehicle sways or rolls on cornering

Alfa Romeo Alfasud Sprint shock absorbers won't last forever, seals eventually wear and damage can occur. Rough terrain is more likely to overheat and damage shock absorbers much quicker than a smooth surface however at some stage we are likely to drive across dirt roads and hit a few potholes.

In an ideal world, you should get at least 5 years and possibly up to 10 years out of good quality rear shock absorbers, depending on conditions driven.

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