Proton S16 Rear shackle bushes replacement

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Proton S16 Rear shackle bushes replacement

When do Proton S16 rear shackle bushes need replacing?

If your Proton S16 has rear leaf springs then it will usually also have rear shackle bushes. 

Rear shackle bushes connect and locate the leaf springs to the chassis, when you go over bumps or turn corners these bushes work to minimize the movement felt in the cabin of the vehicle.

Shackle bushes are usually made of rubber or polyurethane and have a pin through the middle that locates the bolt.

Generally, it’s wear and tear over an extended period that causes rear shackle bushes to wear out and extreme driving conditions such as carrying heavy loads or excessive off-roading can contribute to premature wear.

There are a few ways to tell if your rear shackle bushes are wearing

  • The vehicle may feel ‘loose’ in the rear
  • Excessive tyre wear
  • Clunking noise from the rear
  • Squeaking or groaning noises

If the rear shackle bushes are not replaced when they start to wear the metal pin could cause damage to the shackles themselves and it could end up being a more expensive repair

Typically, the shackle bushes are pretty easy to replace, it starts with raising the vehicle, using a jack or vehicle stands to take the weight off the shackles so the bolts can then be removed and the bushes replaced.

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