Proton S16 Rear brake pad and rotor replacement

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Proton S16 Rear brake pad and rotor replacement

When do Proton S16 rear brake pads and rotors need to be replaced?

The rear brakes on your Proton S16 provide the stopping power when you put your foot on the brake pedal, as well as being used as the handbrake.

They do wear out over time, depending on how much you use them, and will need to be replaced at some stage of your vehicle's life – and that’s where we come in handy!

The average cost of having your rear brake pads and disc rotors replaced starts at around $300 up to $700+, depending on the type of braking components used.

Not all Proton S16's have rear brake pads and rotors, some vehicles have drum brakes on the rear instead. An AutoGuru mechanic will let you know if you need rear brake pads and rotors after inspecting the brakes.

Brake pads sit parallel to the brake rotor and move inwards towards the spinning rotor when the brakes are applied. The brake rotor is spinning as it is attached to the wheel hub of a vehicle. When the brake pads squeeze onto the brake rotor it creates friction and reduces the speed of the Proton S16.

Over time both the brake rotors and brake pads wear and need to be replaced. Most brake pads come with wear indicators which is a little metal tab that rubs against the brake rotor when the brake pad has worn down to its end of life. This will cause a distinct squealing noise when you apply the brakes.

If Proton S16 brake pads and rotors are left for too long without being replaced the pad will completely wear down and expose metal components that will grind against the brake rotor. This will drastically reduce the ability to brake safely, will create a lot of noise, heat and damage.

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