Volkswagen T-Cross Rear brake pad replacement

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Volkswagen T-Cross Rear brake pad replacement

Why do Volkswagen T-Cross rear brake pads need to be replacement?

The rear brakes on your Volkswagen T-Cross provide the stopping power when you put your foot on the brake pedal, as well as being used as the handbrake.

They do wear out over time, depending on how much you use the brakes and will need to be replaced at some stage of your vehicle's life – and that’s where we come in handy!

The average cost of having your rear brake pads replaced starts at around $150 all the way up to $400+, depending on the type of brake pads used.

Volkswagen T-Cross's with rear brake disc rotors will require rear brake pads. The brake pads are made of a composition that transfers heat while also holding up against the friction of being pushed up against the spinning brake rotor, to slow a vehicle down.

Due to this friction, brake pads wear down and depending on brake pad composition some may wear down quicker than others, a good reason to purchase brake pad brands with a good reputation for delivering positive results.

Another reason for increased Volkswagen T-Cross brake pad wear can be your driving style, remember to lift your foot off the brake pedal when you don't need to brake while driving, utilise gears to reduce speed when going down hills or gradually stopping and try to avoid sudden braking where possible.

Brake pads should last between 25,000 to 80,000 km's, the reason why you can't put a specific time or distance travelled is due to the varying driving conditions. A delivery driver in the city will likely go through brakes quicker than a sales rep travelling on long stretches of country roads.

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