Proton S16 Radiator top hose replacement

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Proton S16 Radiator top hose replacement

Do I need to replace my Proton S16 radiator top hose?

The radiator top hose on your Proton S16 carries coolant from the engine to the thermostat and into the radiator. It's fairly easy to locate when you look inside the engine bay, look for a black hose running from the engine to the radiator.

The top radiator hose is typically made out of reinforced synthetic rubber, it needs to be able to withstand coolant chemicals, pressure, heat and movement. The top radiator hose gets clamped to the Proton S16's thermostat housing and to the exit point from the engine.

Over time the hose will become hard, have soft spots or rupture this is when the top radiator hose needs to be replaced. If you replace the coolant regularly and keep on top of the Proton S16's servicing schedule it may last longer but typically you would expect to get up to 5 years out of a top radiator hose, depending on the driving conditions.

If you notice the signs of a failing top radiator hose or notice it's leaking then have it replaced as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for it to burst or leak when you're driving, an engine will overheat and get damaged if you drive without sufficient coolant levels.

It’s almost a sure thing that the radiator top hose on your Proton S16 will need to be replaced at some point in your car’s life. When the time comes, AutoGuru can sort it out for you.

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