Daihatsu Domino/Cuore Power steering rack replacement

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Daihatsu Domino/Cuore Power steering rack replacement

Does my Daihatsu Domino/Cuore power steering rack need to be replaced?

The power steering rack on your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore allows you to steer your car effortlessly when you turn the steering wheel.

Modern vehicles have power steering. The power steering rack sits in between the front wheels and typically has a linkage that attaches to the steering column unless your car has drive by wire steering. As you turn the steering wheel the power steering unit utilises internal gears and pistons to increase the steering wheel motion so you can manoeuvre the Daihatsu Domino/Cuore's wheels with hardly any effort.

if you've ever driven a vehicle without power steering you will understand how useful and important the power steering rack is. Without it, the steering gets heavy, so parking and quickly avoiding obstacles on the road becomes a challenge.

Power steering fluid is used inside the rack and should be inspected and replaced at the recommended intervals. If the fluid becomes contaminated it can cause power steering components to deteriorate.

Daihatsu Domino/Cuore power steering seals can also wear and leak fluid causing heat and metal to metal contact, left unfixed the power steering will eventually stop working altogether.

A power steering rack may last the life of the if it’s properly maintained, but problems can still arise and when they do it will need to be replaced as it is not cost-effective to have one repaired. If it does fail, you’ve found AutoGuru who can help you book the best mechanic for the job.

If you are experiencing any issues with the Daihatsu Domino/Cuore's steering, if it feels loose or too stiff, vibrating, clunking or grinding noises, wheels are off centre, leaking power steering fluid or it's difficult to keep the vehicle straight on the road then have your power steering rack checked so you can safely navigate the road.


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