Daihatsu Domino/Cuore Power steering pump replacement

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Daihatsu Domino/Cuore Power steering pump replacement

When do Daihatsu Domino/Cuore power steering pumps need to be replaced?

The power steering system on your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore depends on the power steering pump to work reliably, enabling smooth and easy steering.

It may wear out or begin leaking over time – that’s when it needs to be replaced. If you think you may need your power steering pump replaced, we’re here to help! 

When a power steering pump goes your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore might start to make funny noises when you turn the steering wheel and start the car, the steering wheel might feel stiff and become harder to use, a warning light might also illuminate in the dash and you may notice a fluid leak around the power steering.

If you feel the steering has changed or there are unusual noises coming from the front of your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore it's best to get it inspected sooner rather than later. If your power steering pump is faulty and leaking fluid it will cause heat and friction and eventually failure for the power steering. 

Even though a Daihatsu Domino/Cuore can still be driven without power steering you will soon learn just how hard it is without it and how much harder it is to dodge something on the road, park the car or drive in the mountains.

The longer a failing power steering pump is ignored the more expensive the repairs become. Best to get an Auto Guru expert to inspect the power steering before it becomes a major repair. 

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