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Morris 1800 Power steering fluid replacement

Why does Morris 1800 power steering fluid need to be replaced?

Modern vehicles use power steering so steering isn't a laborious task. The power steering system can use gears, pinions, hydraulics and pistons to make the wheels move when you want to go around a corner.

To keep Morris 1800 power steering internals in a healthy working environment they need power steering fluid to keep everything well lubricated and functioning correctly.

Overtime power steering fluid will eventually break down and not function as well as it did as new. This is why the power steering fluid is replaced as a routine maintenance item and periodically checked. If this isn't done damage may occur to the Morris 1800's power steering unit.

Power steering fluid can also leak from worn seals in the power steering rack. If the leak isn't detected and the power steering rack is lacking lubrication then it can start to overheat and metal to metal components will be grinding together.

If the power steering fluid is contaminated/old or the power steering rack is leaking and left unfixed then eventually you won't be able to steer the car.

Your Morris 1800 relies on the power steering system to be full of clean fluid so you can safely steer your car.

If your vehicle's steering becomes loose or overly stiff or it's making clunking or grinding noises then book an AutoGuru mechanic to help you out.

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