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Morris 1100 Oxygen sensor replacement

Does my Morris 1100 need the oxygen sensor replaced?

If you have a modern Morris 1100 with a combustion engine then it likely has at least one oxygen sensor (O2 sensor) and some vehicles can have multiple oxygen sensors.

An oxygen sensor reads how much oxygen is in the exhaust gasses, they are fitted at various locations in the exhaust system. The sensor is screwed into the exhaust system and measures the oxygen levels and sends the data to the Morris 1100's computer.

Oxygen sensors determine if the Morris 1100 is running rich or lean based on how much oxygen is detected. If the computer determines the air-fuel mixture isn't correct and needs to be changed it will send a message to the air intake system and fuel injectors to adjust the air-fuel mixture so it creates a more optimal burn.

Morris 1100 oxygen sensors will eventually fail over time or contaminants in the exhaust can cause it to deteriorate quicker. When an oxygen sensor fails it can cause the engine to run rough, stall or have acceleration issues. Left unfixed it can cause damage to the engine.

Normal operation can wear out an O2 sensor or it can burn out prematurely. In either case, it will need to be replaced and that’s where AutoGuru comes in handy!

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