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Morris 1800 Oil pan/sump gasket replacement

Why do Morris 1800 oil pan/sump gaskets need to be replaced?

The oil pan gasket on your Morris 1800 keeps the oil on the correct side of your engine – the inside.

A proper engine oil level maintains good internal lubrication, keeps your engine temperature in check, and prevents corrosion on internal engine components.

If your engine’s oil pan gasket or sump gasket develops a leak, your engine will eventually be starved of lubrication and can develop running problems.

You might think of a leaking oil pan gasket as an annoyance more than anything, but it can lead to devastating consequences if left uncorrected.

An oil pan gasket replacement will be from $100 to $400 typically, although unusual configurations can drive that price up much further.

The oil sump is located at the bottom of the Morris 1800's engine, it's where the oil sits when it's not in circulation around the engine. When the gasket fails and the sump pan leaks you will notice oil dripping under the vehicle, it could be a gradual leak or quite obvious. 

To replace the sump gasket the oil is drained from the Morris1800, the sump is removed, the area is cleaned and a new gasket is applied, the sump is refitted and the engine oil is refilled.

The engine needs oil to run so unless you want to refill the oil every week and be dropping environmentally unfriendly oil everywhere you go then it's in everyone's best interest to replace a sump gasket when it starts to fail.

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