Ssangyong Korando Oil filter housing replacement

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Ssangyong Korando Oil filter housing replacement

Does my Ssangyong Korando oil filter housing need replacing?

Your Ssangyong Korando engine oil is kept clean by passing through your oil filter as it circulates through your engine.

Between your engine and the oil filter is a mount known as the oil filter housing.

An oil filter housing is on virtually every engine manufactured. It’s the part where an external oil filter screws onto, or an internal oil filter is secured into.

The oil filter housing on most Ssangyong Korando's is located in a spot that’s easily accessible for oil and filter changes, typically either on the top of the engine near the front or on the side of the engine with the filter accessible from the bottom.

The oil filter housing is nearly always cast out of aluminium although some older models may be made from cast iron and a gasket is used between the engine assembly and the oil filter housing.

The oil filter housing isn't a common item that needs to be replaced, but if something were to happen, it could develop a leak from the gaskets or it may develop a crack in the oil filter housing itself, which will require replacement.

If your Ssangyong Korando oil filter housing is impacted or otherwise cracked, or if the mounting surface is warped, the engine oil will leak and the oil filter housing will need to be replaced.

Even though the oil filter housing itself might not be a common failure, the oil filter housing gasket is a common point of failure.

If your oil filter housing develops a leak at some point, it might need to be replaced and AutoGuru will be here for you!

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