Jaguar F-Pace Oil cooler replacement

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Jaguar F-Pace Oil cooler replacement

Why do Jaguar F-Pace oil coolers need to be replaced?

Due to all the moving parts, an internal combustion engine can generate a lot of heat. Oil and coolant are utilised to keep the engine at a safe operating temperature to avoid engine damage.

Oil circulates through the Jaguar F-Pace's engine and comes to a point within the cycle where it gets a chance to cool down before it goes back through the engine again. For a lot of vehicles, airflow and the sump do a good job of keeping the oil cool enough. In other vehicles, like performance or heavy-duty vehicles, an oil cooler may be needed.

There are two main types of oil coolers, oil-to-air is similar to a radiator. It's made up of pipes and tiny fins and sits in the engine bay where outside air can pass over or through it. Hot engine oil goes in one end and travels through the pipes, the tiny fins remove the heat from the oil and the cooled oil comes out the other end, ready to cycle back through the engine.

The other type, oil-to-water passes oil through a heat exchanger where other fluids like the coolant are used to maintain the oil temperature levels. This type can also help to warm up cold oil.

If your Jaguar F-Pace has an oil cooler there is the chance it can develop a leak due to impact or corrosion and needs to be replaced. When this happens you may notice oil leaking, oil levels could be low, the engine temperature might rise, decreased performance, there may be black smoke, rough driving or the oil cooler looks faulty.

While it’s not a common repair item, the oil cooler can develop a leak due to impact or corrosion and need to be changed – that’s when it’s good to know AutoGuru.

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