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Austin MAF sensor clean

Does My Austin Need A MAF Sensor Clean?

A Austin MAF sensor is situated between the air filter and the intake manifold and uses wires to determine how much air is flowing. It does this by reading how much energy is required to keep one of the wires hot, as air passes. When the Austin engine is idling there is less airflow so less energy is needed to keep the wire hot and when there is high airflow, more energy is used to maintain heat in the wire.

If the Austin MAF sensor fails and it can’t measure the airflow correctly, the incorrect amount of fuel will be delivered to the injectors. As shown above, this can impact the drivability of the Austin and long term can cause engine damage. Austin engines don’t like to run lean or rich. It’s good to practise to have the MAF sensor cleaned as part of regular maintenance or when issues arise, for reliability, performance and Austin engine longevity.

The cost to clean a MAF sensor will depend on the location of the sensor in the Austin and how long the job takes, it might cost around $40 - $100 and if the sensor is damaged or faulty you will need to get it replaced, which will be an additional cost.