Volkswagen Vento Link rod (link pin or sway bar link) replacement

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Volkswagen Vento Link rod (link pin or sway bar link) replacement

Volkswagen Vento link rod (link pin or sway bar link) replacement

Have you ever wondered how a Volkswagen Vento, or any car for that matter, manages to so stay on all four wheels when it’s driven around a corner?

Included amongst the wonderful components of a Volkswagen Vento’s suspension system, there is a device called the sway bar (also known as a stabiliser bar or anti-roll bar) which works to prevent body roll.

If your Volkswagen Vento is clunking from around the wheels, the tyres are wearing unevenly and the steering is loose, then there is a good chance there is a suspension problem and it could be coming from your Volkswagen Vento’s link rods.

It is recommended to replace the left and right side link rods at the same time. Your Volkswagen Vento will be noisy and will become harder to control on cornering when there is a problem with the link rod.

If left for too long, tyres can wear too and replacing tyres can be more expensive than replacing the link rod. Best to replace a link rod as soon as you can to make sure your Volkswagen Vento is handling well.

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