Haval H2 Light bar installation

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Haval H2 Light bar installation

Haval H2 Light bar installation

A light bar is a set of small LED lights placed in a row within a single light assembly. The set-up is designed to provide wide-beam lighting for off-road terrain driving in a Haval H2.

Light bars are typically mounted on the front grille, bumper or bullbar of a Haval H2 and are most commonly found on 4WD vehicles. There has been some conjecture regarding light bars and their legality, their mounting positions and need for them, so it’s a good idea to check with the laws in your local area to make sure the light bar is not only fitted correctly but also road legal. If your Haval H2 is going to be used solely for off-road use then the light bar can be fitted anywhere.

It is recommended that a qualified auto electrician install light bars. Whenever any aftermarket electrical components are being fitted the job should be done by an expert. This ensures correct fitment and no nasty electrical surprises down the road for your Haval H2.

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