Jaguar F-Pace Key does not turn in ignition

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Jaguar F-Pace Key does not turn in ignition

Jaguar F-Pace Key does not turn in ignition

There can a few reasons why the key might not turn in the ignition the most common reasons are:-

Steering wheel - Most vehicles have a steering lock which locks the steering wheel when the key is removed, sometimes it can malfunction causing the key to not be able to be turned.It can also get stuck in a certain position and sometimes if you jiggle the steering wheel and turn the key at the same time it will enable the key to turn.

Gear selector - Most vehicles with automatic transmissions won't let the key turn if the vehicle is not in park or neutral, again sometimes these can stick and a quick wiggle can loosen it and get the key turning again.

Ignition barrel - An internal issue in the ignition barrel could also be factor

Key - If the key is damaged or worn it wont turn inside the barrel 

If it is a key or an ignition barrel issue you might find that the key will start to have trouble turning intermittently and slowly get worse, in the case of a steering lock or gear selector it could happen immediately.

Depending on what is the cause of the issue the repair could be as simple as replacing the key, from there it could be repair/replacement of the ignition barrel or a more complex repair with the steering lock or the gear selector

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