Hyundai Accent/Excel Indicator bulb replacement

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Hyundai Accent/Excel Indicator bulb replacement

Do Hyundai Accent/Excel indicator bulbs need to be replaced?

It's really important that you can signal your direction intentions while driving a Hyundai Accent/Excel to allow other road users to react, slow down or give way when your braking and turning. Without indicators, we couldn't successfully navigate roundabouts or intersections without a few bumps and bruises along the way.

The indicator lever on the Hyundai Accent/Excel steering wheel or column is manually moved up or down to indicate which direction you're turning. This action activates an electrical circuit that sets off the flashing of the indicator bulbs. 

Indicator bulbs are found on the rear of a vehicle and on the front guard or both front side panels and sometimes in the side mirrors. Indicator bulbs sit inside a bulb holder with a plastic amber lens cover or your Hyundai Accent/Excel may have specifically designed LED lighting.

Indicator bulbs can blow at any time, without warning, you might not notice until you get a few toots and wonder why people are getting a little cranky with you on the road. Sometimes you may have the same indicator light that keeps blowing. When this happens there may be a loose connection that keeps arcing and blowing the bulb, or it could be poor wiring, water or corrosion problems.

Checking your Hyundai Accent/Excel's lights regularly is a good habit to get into. All you need is to park in front of a reflective surface like a glass building or have someone walk around the Hyundai Accent/Excel to check the indicators, brake lights, headlights and reverse lights are all operating.

When an indicator bulb blows it will need to be replaced. A mechanic or auto electrician can do that for you. While they are replacing the bulb they can check the bulb housing and wiring is up to scratch and not causing the Hyundai Accent/Excelbulb to blow.

Over time, indicator bulbs will burn out and need to be replaced. When your Hyundai needs an indicator bulb replacement, it’s good to know AutoGuru!

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