Hyundai Accent/Excel Heater hose replacement

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Hyundai Accent/Excel Heater hose replacement

Do I need to replace my Hyundai Accent/Excel heater hose?

The heater on your Hyundai Accent/Excel gets its warmth by utilising the heated coolant that runs through the engine. The coolant travels through a heater core and is regulated by a valve controlled by how hot you want the cabin to be.

The reason why your heater doesn't work as soon as you start a cold car is that the coolant is still cold and hasn't run through the engine yet. When it does the coolant travels through hoses to get to and from the engine, radiator and heater.

Hyundai Accent/Excel heater hoses can put up with pressure and heat but they can't do it forever and will eventually wear out, rupture or leak. When this happens the heater hose will need to be replaced.

If you notice that the Hyundai Accent/Excel's coolant level is low, the heater doesn't work, the engine is running hot, you can smell coolant, there is a coolant leak and/or you can see the hose is faulty then it's probably the end of the road for that heater hose.

If you're thinking it's only a hose it can wait, think again. If you continue to drive with low coolant levels you can overheat the engine, which is something you definitely want to avoid. When you need a new hose, reach out to AutoGuru!

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