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Morris 1300 Headlight bulb replacement

Why do Morris 1300 headlight bulbs need replacing?

The headlights are the main source of illumination from your Morris 1300 at night time, which allows you to see where you are going, and more importantly, helps drivers see other motorists coming towards them.

Most modern vehicles allow replacement of just the bulbs, instead of replacing the whole headlight – this is more cost-effective.

Most Morris 1300's have four headlight bulbs at the front of the vehicle – two for the low beams and two for the high beam/dip lights, as well as separate fuses and relays for each side.

Replacing a headlight bulb can start at around $20 and can increase to $100+, especially if the headlight assembly has to be removed from the vehicle.

Like most things bulbs don't last forever, over time they get damaged, corrode, fail or just come to the end of life. When this happens the bulb will need to be replaced with a new one. It's illegal to drive without operating headlights, you never know when you may be in a reduced visibility situation, best to have a Morris 1300 bulb replaced as soon as you notice a problem.

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