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Harmonic balancer replacement

Morris Mini Minor Harmonic balancer replacement

If you have ever looked into an engine bay you may have noticed a circular device, usually made of metal and rubber, at the front of your Morris Mini Minor's engine. This is the harmonic balancer.

Your vehicle’s harmonic balancer keeps the engine running smoothly and reduce harmonic vibrations. If it fails you might notice a small noise or, at worst, cause serious damage to the engine.

A harmonic balancer is an external engine part connected to the end of your Morris Mini Minor's crankshaft, located at the front of the engine. IIn a majority of vehicles, it is also used as a pulley for drive belts which power other accessories on the engine, such as the alternator, power steering and air conditioning.

If you don’t replace a faulty harmonic balancer it can cause some significant damage to your Morris Mini Minor's engine and even lead to engine failure. It is an item you don’t want to leave unfixed for too long as the outcome can get quite expensive and definitely be inconvenient.

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