Haval H2 Glow plug replacement

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Haval H2 Glow plug replacement

Do I need to replace glow plugs on my Haval H2?

Unlike spark plugs in a petrol engine, which continually fires, a diesel engine uses heat and compression to create combustion. If your Haval H2 has a diesel engine then you'll want to know what glow plugs are and if they will need to be replaced.

But how does a diesel engine start when the engine is cold?

If your Haval H2 is diesel-fueled it will use glow plugs, to create the initial heat required to start the combustion process.

Glow plugs are long tubular devices made out of metal with an element inside, that gets screwed into the engine. The external top section of the glow plug has an electrical connector attached to it and the internal bottom section sits inside the engine, above the cylinder.

When starting a diesel engine the glow plug heats up and the tip glows, hence why they are called glow plugs. The heat from the glow plug heats up the air and fuel in the cylinder to initiate combustion.

Once the diesel engine has started and warmed up the glow plugs will turn off. The time frame of how long the plugs stay on after the engine is running depends on the glow plugs, the engine and the ignition system. Some plugs may turn off after 3 to 5 minutes.

In colder climates, you may need to wait for the glow plug to heat up before you start the engine and other vehicles may be fitted with air intake heaters to increase air temperatures, or you might not notice any delay in starting the diesel.

Glow plugs are long-lasting however, the more often they get used the quicker they can wear out, get damaged and fail. Also, carbon buildup or engine contaminants could reduce the life of a glow plug. When glow plugs fail you may notice the vehicle takes longer to start or doesn't start at all, it could misfire and you notice smoke from the exhaust.

Glow plugs will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. When you require glow plug replacement, AutoGuru is here to lend a hand!

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