Land Rover Discovery Sport Fuel pump replacement

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Land Rover Discovery Sport Fuel pump replacement

Why do Land Rover Discovery Sport fuel pumps need to be replaced?

The fuel pump fitted to your Land Rover Discovery Sport is what transfers the fuel from the tank up to the fuel injectors and allows your engine to run.

If the fuel pump fails or is not flowing enough fuel, poor engine running and reduced fuel economy and performance can result, and in cases where the pump fails completely – a non-running engine leaving your Land Rover Discovery Sport stranded waiting for roadside assistance.

The average price for a fuel pump replacement starts around the $350 mark and can go all the way up to $900+ depending on your fuel type and engine performance.

Fuel pumps can fail when there are contaminants in the fuel like moisture, rust, dirt and debris. Also, fuel pumps can fail from overheating and eventual gear wear.

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