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Seat Leon Front shudder when braking repair

Why does the front of my Seat Leon shudder on braking?

There could be a number of issues that would make the front of your Seat Leon shudder.

If you experience a shudder through the steering wheel and it’s only when you hit the brakes, then the brake pads and rotors will typically be the first port of call to look for answers.

You will feel a pulsating sensation through the steering column or steering wheel of your Seat Leon, only when braking.

This can occur if the disc thickness has variations in it.

This uneven wear on the disc rotors causes the brake pad to grab and release the rotor, resulting in shuddering.

This could be due to the Seat Leon brake pads not being bedded incorrectly, or that the calipers aren't functioning correctly or from incorrect rotor installation.

It could also be the result of overheated brake distortion or a rusty hub.

If you're experiencing shudders on braking then it's time to get your brakes inspected and AutoGuru is there to help when you need them.

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