Mercedes-Benz SLC Front Brake Pad Replacement

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Mercedes-Benz SLC Front Brake Pad Replacement

How often do Mercedes-Benz SLC front brake pads need replacing?

Mercedes-Benz SLC brake pads wear at different intervals and will need to be replaced at some stage. 

If a vehicle does a lot of highway driving with less braking then the brakes will most likely last longer. However, if your vehicle is often driven downhill or in a city where stopping is frequent, then there will be more stress and wear on the brake pads over time. 

Typically, you will get on average around 40,000 kilometres driving from a set of brake pads.

The average price to have your Mercedes-Benz SLC front brake pads replaced starts at around $200 and can increase to $500 and above, depending on the type of brake pads used.

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