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Land Rover Defender Front brake pad replacement

How often do Land Rover Defender front brake pads need replacing?

The front brakes on your Land Rover Defender provide most of the stopping power when you apply the brakes.

They do wear out over time, depending on how hard you use them, and will need to be replaced at some stage of your vehicle's life – that’s where we come in handy!

The average price to have your front brake pads replaced starts at around $150 and can increase to $500 and above, depending on the type of brake pads used.

Land Rover Defender brake pads wear at different intervals, it depends on the vehicle, driving style and driving conditions. Typically, you will get around 25,000 to 80,000 kilometres driving from a set of brake pads.

There is a big variance in the brake pad expected wear life. If a vehicle does a lot of highway driving and rarely needs to brake then the brakes will last longer but if a vehicle is often driven downhill, is towing or being driven in a city area where stop and go is frequent, then there is more stress and wear on the brake pads. It may be hard to fathom but a vehicle that's driven less could actually go through brake pads quicker than a vehicle driven more often.

Ways to help reduce Land Rover Defender brake pad wear is to remember to lift your foot off the brake pedal so it is not engaged as you drive, another way is to downshift to a lower gear to help the vehicle gradually slow down using the engine and most importantly avoid unnecessary sudden stops from speed. This will reduce pressure on the braking system and extend the brake pad life.

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