Proton S16 Fog light replacement

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Proton S16 Fog light replacement

Proton S16 fog light replacement

When weather conditions are just right, it can cause water droplets to hang around in the air and form fog. Driving through that soupy mist is not pleasant and should you find yourself doing so, make sure the headlights on your Proton S16 are set to low beam and turn the fog lights on.

Fog lights are designed to illuminate the road at a lower angle to normal headlights. Better penetration of the foggy conditions is achieved this way as light projected straight ahead reflects back off the fog making visibility even worse.

If you notice that the fog lights aren’t working on your Proton S16 then you will need to get them replaced. If the whole fog light assembly needs to be replaced it could cost you around $80 to $300 depending on your Proton S16.

You never know when a wall of fog might appear so it’s best to be ready for the unexpected.

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