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Land Rover Range Rover/Classic Engine flush

Why does my Land Rover Range Rover/Classic need an engine flush?

An engine flush is a liquid chemical cleaning composition that’s designed to remove and dissolve sludge, gunk, carbon deposits and wear debris, from inside a Land Rover Range Rover/Classic’s internal combustion engine.

The engine flush is mixed with the engine oil, then circulated through the Land Rover Range Rover/Classic engine for a few minutes, before the oil is drained. All in the aid of cleaning the oil lubricated areas of the engine.

Because we can’t see inside an operational Land Rover Range Rover/Classic engine, all we can do is look at what comes out of the engine.

When the condition is bad a mechanic may notice poor quality, sludgy oil and suggest an engine flush.

In most cases mechanics will recommend to carry out an engine flush, as a regular Land Rover Range Rover/Classic maintenance task.

When excessive sludge builds up in a Land Rover Range Rover/Classic engine the oil can’t lubricate all the parts properly.

Oil needs to travel through the engine freely to disperse heat and provide a smooth surface for moving parts. If this doesn’t happen then engine failure is imminent.

A Land Rover Range Rover/Classic engine flush can be performed by automotive servicing providers and mobile mechanics.

You can’t go wrong if you make sure it’s a qualified mechanic. AutoGuru is a great place to find local, quality mechanics to compare and book a Land Rover Range Rover/Classic engine flush.

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