Audi S6 Driveshaft centre bearing replacement

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Audi S6 Driveshaft centre bearing replacement

Does my Audi S6 driveshaft centre bearing need to be replaced?

On some rear-wheel-drive trucks and SUVs, the driveshaft is unusually long. That can pose issues that include excessive stress, power loss, and damage due to impacts.

If your Audi S6 has a driveshaft centre bearing it takes much of the stress off your rear driveshaft and universal joints.

The solution is a two-part driveshaft using a centre support bearing. The driveshaft centre bearing allows for reliable shaft rotation as a pivot point, fastened securely to the car’s frame.

The driveshaft centre bearing is comprised of an external metal structure that fastens to the underside of the frame. A highly durable ball bearing assembly is mounted inside a rubber or polyurethane bushing, contained within the metal structure. This rubber bushing helps eliminate vibration and excessive wear.

When the driveshaft centre bearing starts to fail you may notice:

  • Squeaking or chirping noise under your car when driving
  • Vibration and shudder when driving that worsens as speeds increase
  • Binding feeling when driving

The centre bearing can wear or seize due to lack of lubrication, or if the bushing wears out or tears. When this happens the driveshaft centre bearing will need to be replaced, that’s when you can rely on AutoGuru!

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