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Lada Drive belt tensioner replacement

Why Do I Need To Replace My Lada Drive Belt Tensioner?

The drive belt tensioner is located on the front of an ICE engine. It is a pulley that's attached either by a pivoting point or a spring mechanism with the function to maintain tension on the drive belt.

The drive belt tensioner on your Lada maintains optimal tension on the drive belt so the belt can supply power to the accessories, while also making sure there's not too much tension to restrict movement on the pulleys.

If the drive belt tensioner were to fail it would affect the tension on the drive belt. If a drive belt is not functioning correctly the alternator, a/c compressor, water pump and power steering might not work, due to the drive belt not powering the Lada's accessories properly. 

A drive belt tensioner can get damaged or wear over time and fail. When the drive belt tensioner fails the drive belt may slip and cause heat, vibration, noise and drive belt failure. When that happens, book an AutoGuru expert mechanic to replace the drive belt tensioner.