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Morris 1800 Drive belt replacement

Why do Morris 1800 drive belts need to be replaced?

The drive belt/s on your Morris 1800 uses the engine revs to power the accessories in or on the engine of your vehicle. These may include your power steering, water pump air conditioning compressor and alternator.

Most Morris 1800's have 1 or 2 drive belts and in some instances, it may be called a serpentine belt. The belt needs to be flexible to circulate across pulleys and can be made out of perishable compositions like rubber, neoprene or urethane.

The drive belt belt/s is positioned on pulleys and operates under tension. This keeps the belt in place and gives the accessories the power required to work properly. When the belt starts to deteriorate, gets damaged or breaks the accessories may not operate properly or stop working altogether.

Morris 1800 drive belts should be replaced at the set service interval as outlined in the service guidelines or when needed. It's not unusual for a drive belt to become damaged or need replacing before expected, checking the drive belt at each service is recommended.

The cost of having a Morris 1800 drive belt/s replaced varies between $100 - $400+ depending on the style of drive belt/s and if other engine components need to be removed to allow access to replace it.

Sometimes you will get a noise warning when the drive belt tension has changed and it needs to be replaced or refitted. If you hear a squealing noise on or just after vehicle startup then it may be your drive belt letting you know it needs attention.

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