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Dome light bulb replacement

Mercedes-Benz 609-614 dome light bulb replacement

It’s something we may think we can live without . . . until we need it. Just like having a torch at home, a dome light bulb (interior light bulb) in your Mercedes-Benz 609-614 is a must-have when you need to find or read something in the dark. It really can be a lifesaver.

Your Mercedes-Benz 609-614 will have at least one interior dome light which may be centrally located overhead in the cabin. Some Mercedes-Benz 609-614's may have multiple lights and they can be programmed to turn on when the remote unlock is activated or when the car door is opened. There is usually a switch or button located on the main interior light hub to set up automatic/manual activation or deactivation illumination.

There are various types of interior dome bulbs available and the one for your Mercedes-Benz model will be specific to your 609-614. The bulbs come in different fitment styles to connect to the dome lamp assembly. Some light fittings may take one or more bulbs.

To have an automotive dome light bulb replaced will cost around $5 to $50 depending on the bulb choice and your Mercedes-Benz model.

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