Distributor o-ring replacement

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Daihatsu Sportrak/Feroza Distributor o-ring replacement

Daihatsu Sportrak/Feroza distributor o ring replacement

If your early model or classic Daihatsu Sportrak/Feroza has been leaking oil from the base of the distributor, it’s usually a sign that the distributor o-ring has failed and needs replacing. Because the distributor shaft enters the engine, a seal is required to stop oil from exiting the Daihatsu Sportrak/Feroza’s engine and to stop contaminants from entering.

Since the Daihatsu Sportrak/Feroza’s distributor is responsible for ‘telling’ the spark plugs when to fire, the timing needs to be precise. If a distributor moves out of alignment, it can create major timing issues and cause damage to the engine. When the spark plugs ignite the fuel at the wrong time, all other elements are no longer in sync and clean and efficient combustion can’t be achieved. This is when engine damage can occur on a Daihatsu Sportrak/Feroza.

If the o-ring fails, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. This can cost around $50 to $160 depending on the Daihatsu Sportrak/Feroza and how easy it is to access the distributor. Leaking oil around the engine can create issues for electrical connectors and components inside the Daihatsu Sportrak/Feroza’s engine bay. Also, if the distributor is not sealed properly it can cause engine damage. Best to have it fixed as soon as you can.

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