Daihatsu Domino/Cuore Differential pinion seal replacement

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Daihatsu Domino/Cuore Differential pinion seal replacement

How important is it to replace Daihatsu Domino/Cuore differential pinion seals?

The differential is an amazing piece of engineering - it allows for the drive from the engine and transmission to turn the wheels at different speeds using a set of gears and axles to allow your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore to travel along the road.

Those gears and axles are lubricated by differential oil to keep things running smoothly.

On the front of the differential, there is a mating surface where the driveshaft attaches. This is known as the differential pinion and there is a seal behind this pinion to stop dirt and debris from entering the internals of your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore's diff.

A thin spring on the inside of the seal keeps tension on the seal which prevents oil from leaking past. Poor oil conditions can be harsh on the seal and once a leak develops, this seal will need to be replaced.

This seal can degrade over time and will need to be replaced to prevent any damage from occurring to the internals of the differential.

You may notice these signs when a differential pinion seal needs to be replaced:

  • Oil leaking from the pinion seal
  • Low diff fluid levels
  • Whining noise from diff while driving

Some 4WD vehicles will have front and rear pinion seals, so both need to be inspected to ensure the correct seal is being replaced.

It is best practice to replace your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore's differential fluid at the same time as replacing the seal.

Having a differential that is operating correctly is imperative to the proper operation of your Daihatsu Domino/Cuore.

If the differential fluid is low, increased wear or even complete differential failure can occur leaving you stranded at the side of the road.

To avoid breakdowns and costly tows have your differential pinion seal replaced when you see the signs, that’s when AutoGuru can help book you in with the best local mechanics.

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