Diesel intake clean

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Renault Master III Diesel intake clean

Does my Renault Master III need a diesel intake clean?

If your particular vehicle does not have a diesel engine, then a diesel intake clean will not be needed.

In modern diesel vehicles, exhaust gases are recirculated back into the engine, to reduce emissions. Recirculating gases, diesel fuel and oil will leave residue on the surfaces they come into contact with. Over time this build-up can become a problem, but regular cleaning can increase the performance of a Renault Master III engine. Cleaning solvents are used to dissolve and flush the deposits out of the intake system and the engine without having to pull the Renault Master III apart.

When a Renault Master III gradually builds up carbon over time, you might not notice the initial signs as performance slowly decreases but eventually the signs will become more noticeable and can’t be ignored. You may notice the Renault Master III is:

  • knocking more than usual
  • lacking in performance
  • lagging on acceleration
  • stalling or idling roughly 
  • using more fuel

A mechanic will warm the Renault Master III’s engine up, access and apply the cleaner into the intake manifold/throttle body/EGR via the designated access point. They will run the engine and reapply if necessary. As the engine is running it is normal for smoke to come out of the Renault Master III’s exhaust as the cleaner and deposits are burnt off.

A qualified diesel mechanic can carry out a Renault Master III intake clean. An automotive servicing workshop or a mobile mechanic with diesel experience can take on this task. A great way to search and book a local workshop or mobile mechanic for a diesel intake clean is through AutoGuru, where you can see customer reviews and choose and book the best local diesel mechanic for your Renault Master III.

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