Mercedes-Benz SLC Dent removal and repair

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Mercedes-Benz SLC Dent removal and repair

Does your Mercedes-Benz SLC need dents removed and repaired?

If your Mercedes-Benz SLC has suffered from hail damage, a trolley ding or other damage, you may have dents that need to be removed or repaired. Basic dent removal and repairs usually start with Paintless Dent Removal, or PDR for short, and move up to removing panels to reshape the metal back to Mercedes-Benz SLC factory appearance before reapplying paint if needed.

Paintless dent removal is often the approach that works best on smaller marks and creases, and most of the time these repairs can be carried out on your Mercedes-Benz SLC at your home or workplace by mobile PDR technicians, meaning no trips to the panel shop and long periods without your Mercedes-Benz SLC. This also keeps the structural integrity of your Mercedes-Benz SLC intact, as no components need to be removed or replaced.

If the dent is larger, however, the only way to carry out a repair on your Mercedes-Benz SLC is to remove the panel from the vehicle (if possible) and manipulate it back into shape. This often damages your Mercedes-Benz SLC's paintwork or the paintwork is already damaged from the initial impact that caused the dent, so repainting to the Mercedes-Benz SLC's original colour will also be required. Special tabs can also be welded to the bare metal and attached to a slide hammer to pull out large dents, but this also requires paint to be reapplied after the repair is carried out.

If you are unsure if the damage on your Mercedes-Benz SLC is suitable for PDR or will require a lengthy stay at a smash repair centre, many repairers offer a free quoting service to determine which repairs are required, and many offer a loan vehicle while your Mercedes-Benz SLC is in being repaired.


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