CV shaft replacement

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Chrysler PT Cruiser CV shaft replacement

Does my Chrysler PT Cruiser CV shaft need to be replaced?

Your Chrysler PT Cruiser has CV shafts or axles that allow your car to keep driving its wheels, even when the steering wheel is turned.

These CV shafts are strong but they’re not bulletproof and may need to be replaced at some point on your Chrysler PT Cruiser. Don’t fret, AutoGuru can help!

Like most mechanical components that move and are under pressure they can and will fail over time. When a CV shaft fails it might let you know by making a clicking or knocking noise, vibrate as you drive and fling some grease around that could land on the tyres.

When you get a failure in Chrysler PT Cruiser steering and suspension systems it's important to have it fixed. Being able to rely on your Chrysler PT Cruiser to respond when you turn the wheel and stay safely on the road is paramount to driving.

If a failing cv shaft is left to deteriorate for an extended amount of time it will eventually stop working. If this happens while you're driving the corresponding wheel will stop turning, this could be an interesting situation if you're on a highway and suddenly lose power to one wheel.

Chrysler PT Cruiser CV shafts usually give you some warning, so take that time to book with an AutoGuru expert repairer before it gets too late.

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