Daewoo Tacuma/Rezzo CV joint replacement

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Daewoo Tacuma/Rezzo CV joint replacement

Does my Daewoo Tacuma/Rezzo need the CV joints replaced?

A CV joint connects two rotating shafts through a variable angle and it must be flexible enough to accommodate the angles and movement while also being strong enough to transfer the power coming from the transmission to the driveshaft and onward to the Daewoo Tacuma/Rezzo’s wheels.

Not all vehicles come with CV joints. If your Daewoo Tacuma/Rezzo is a front-wheel-drive it is sure to have CV joints, but if it’s a rear-wheel drive or four-wheel drive it might not have CV joints at all. Ask your mechanic if you’re not sure.

When a CV joint goes bad you may notice some signs the CV joint is on it’s way out. They don’t usually fail completely without warning, look out for these signs and give yourself time to have it fixed, before your Daewoo Tacuma/Rezzo ends up stuck on the side of the road.

  • Clicking, clunking or knocking noise when driving around sharp corners 
  • Clunking when shifting into reverse
  • Vibration while driving
  • Grease on the inside of the tyres or under the vehicle near the driveshaft
  • Split and damaged CV boots

Expect to be paying in the hundreds for a CV joint replacement. The part alone can cost in the hundreds and then there is the labour to remove and install the part, this isn’t a quick job. Labour time to fit a Daewoo Tacuma/Rezzo CV joint will depend on the application.

Inside a CV joint, there are balls or bearings. Once these are worn and compromised  they can’t be repaired and will need to be replaced. How much that will cost varies widely. How many CV joints are being replaced and if the driveshaft or half shaft is also being replaced and the labour time to remove and install the parts, are all factors to determine a Daewoo Tacuma/Rezzo CV joint cost.

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