Daihatsu YRV CV boot replacement

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Daihatsu YRV CV boot replacement

Why do Daihatsu CV boots need to be replaced?

The constant velocity (CV) shafts on your Daihatsu YRV allow the drive produced from the engine and transmission to be transferred to the wheels, which propels the car forward.

These joints have a special rubber boot, known as a CV Boot, that protects them from the elements and keeps the special lubricating grease from slinging everywhere when you are driving.

These boots can fail over time, and need to be replaced to ensure the CV joint doesn’t fail, leaving your Daihatsu YRV stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck.

The average price for a CV boot replacement starts around the $120 mark and can extend to $300+ depending on your transmission type.

A CV boot is a lesser expense to a Daihatsu YRV CV joint replacement which is what will be needed if the CV boot isn't replaced if damaged.

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