Audi Q7 Cooling system flush

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Audi Q7 Cooling system flush

Why does my Audi Q7 need a cooling system flush?

The cooling system on your Audi Q7 requires flushing at specific intervals to keep your engine running at the correct temperature and prevent nasty contaminants from building up in your radiator and hoses.

Failing to do so can leave you feeling ‘hot under the collar’ as your Audi Q7 overheats and leaves you stranded on the side of the road on a scorching summers day.

Changing the coolant and flushing out the cooling system will remove these contaminants and ensure that the cooling system is up to the task of keeping your engine temperatures in check no matter how hot it is outside.

A cooling system flush, including replacement coolant, usually starts around the $100 mark and can increase to $250+.

There are various types of coolants, the type of coolant for your Audi Q7 is based on which one keeps your engine from overheating while also reducing damage to the radiator, water pump, hoses and gaskets.

Engine coolant degrades over time and the service life for coolant depends on the type of coolant used, if the Audi Q7 is running hot, has air intake upgrades or possible issues with cooling system components.

Replacing engine coolant at the specified time intervals is important to protect the engine, lubricate parts, transfer heat and ensure it doesn't freeze in cold climates.

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