Audi Q7 Cooling fan replacement

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Audi Q7 Cooling fan replacement

Do I need to replace my Audi Q7 cooling fan?

Audi Q7 cooling fans are a vital part of the cooling system. They sit in front of the radiator and switch on when cooler air is needed to blow across the radiator to help cool down the coolant inside.

The engine coolant in conjunction with the thermostat helps to regulate the engine temperature. Once the coolant has circulated through the engine it cools down by passing through the veins in the radiator. This is why radiators face the front of a vehicle, to capture as much cool air as possible. The cooling fan helps to force air into the radiator.

The cooling fan switches on and off when needed. When an engine is cold the fan is not needed however once the engine warms up and coolant is circulating around the engine then the cooling fan can kick in to help keep the Audi Q7's engine from overheating.

The coolant fan will typically be connected to the thermostat or to sensors that monitor the coolant temperature and electronically turn the fan on when needed. You may have noticed on a hot day the cooling fan will still run after the vehicle has been switched off, it eventually turns off once the coolant temperature drops.

Audi Q7 cooling fans can wear out, get damaged or break and need to be replaced. They can also fail due to faults with temperature switches, relays, sensors or thermostats. It might not always be the fans fault as it relies on other components to operate.

If your cooling fan has seen its last days it will need to be replaced so your engine can keep its cool – and that’s where AutoGuru can help you out. 

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