Coolant reservoir replacement

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MG Coolant reservoir replacement

Is It Important To Replace My MG Coolant Reservoir?

If you're driving a vehicle with an internal combustion engine you will have a coolant reservoir. This is a plastic bottle that holds some of the engine coolant which cycles through the engine, heater and radiator of your MG.

The coolant collects heat from the engine and then cools down again when it runs through the radiator. Without coolant, an engine would overheat and engine damage would occur.

Due to the nature of the engine cooling and heating up, the coolant level in the reservoir will go up and down as the MG's radiator takes in what it needs and expels what it doesn't need.

The coolant reservoir is like an overflow ready to be used when needed. The reservoir has a minimum and maximum fill level, the coolant level should be within those markers. If it is under the minimum fill level you may have a coolant leak.

Over time the plastic coolant reservoir can become brittle and form cracks and leak or get damaged while working in the MG's engine bay.

Coolant comes in different colours it could be red, green, yellow or turquoise. If you notice a fluid leak from your MG and you suspect it's the coolant don't jump in the car and drive, further inspection is required.

If the coolant reservoir has failed you may notice the MG's temperature gauge is running hotter than normal, you might smell coolant inside or outside of the car or the coolant level in the reservoir might be below the minimum fill line or empty.

If your MG develops a leak in the coolant reservoir, it will need to be replaced as soon as you can, and that’s where AutoGuru can help.