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Clutch cable adjustment

Infiniti QX70 clutch cable adjustment

Driving a manual can be fun, but the celebrations come to a halt when it’s stop start traffic.

That’s when you get a little sick of pushing that clutch in and out hundreds of times to move one kilometre.

Have you ever wondered how that affects your Infiniti QX70’s clutch and how many times you can push the pedal in and out before it starts to wear out?

One of the joys of driving a manual is that you have a wonderful cable that can be adjusted as the clutch wears.

This cable gives the clutch on your QX70 a little bit more life before it dies for good.

If you find the clutch pedal engaging earlier when you push the pedal, then the clutch cable needs to be adjusted.

You can find the best mechanic for your clutch cable adjustment at AutoGuru.

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