Mazda Premacy Camshaft position sensor replacement

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Mazda Premacy Camshaft position sensor replacement

Do I need to replace my Mazda Premacy camshaft position sensor?

Modern cars have electronic ignition systems to control the engine’s operation and a key component to it working is the camshaft position sensor as it identifies the position in the camshaft’s rotation so the engine can run efficiently.

Using your Mazda Premacy normally, the camshaft position sensor can often last an engines whole lifetime without requiring replacement. However, it’s an electrical part, and unexpected failure is a possibility at any time, whether the car is new or getting on in years.

A camshaft position sensor is a hall effect sensor, meaning it uses magnetic force to create an electronic signal and is installed near the front of the camshaft and monitors the position of a wheel attached to the shaft itself.

You’ll find most engines will have one camshaft position sensor for each camshaft, so a dual overhead cam engine will have two camshaft position sensors.

The sensor contains a magnet and solenoid windings inside and the body of the sensor is moulded plastic. A wiring harness connector transmits the camshaft position sensor signal to the Engine Control Module.

If the sensor reads erratically, is unresponsive, or is broken, it will need to be replaced. When this happens you may notice the engine turns over but doesn't start, the engine stalls while driving, the engine runs rough and uses more fuel and/or the check engine light might light up.

If you decide to drive your Mazda Premacy knowing that your camshaft position sensor needs to be replaced, you may be risking an accident or an annoying breakdown, often at the most inopportune time.

When your Mazda Premacy needs the camshaft position sensor replaced you’ll want a professional service with an AutoGuru recommended mechanic, to make sure it’s done right. 

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