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Chrysler PT Cruiser Cabin filter replacement

When does my Chrysler PT Cruiser cabin filter need to be replaced?

The cabin air filter on your Chrysler PT Cruiser ensures the air you breathe in your car is always clean and fresh.

The air that circulates inside the cabin of your Chrysler PT Cruiser comes from outside. When your driving, air from the front of the vehicle flows through the air vents and into the cabin of the vehicle. In most modern vehicles it goes through a cabin filter/pollen filter first.

The cabin filter stops bits of leaves, bugs, dust, airborne pollutants and in some cases pollen from hitting you smack in the face through the air vents. If you don't replace the cabin filter at the regular service intervals it will clog up with debris and get increasingly dirty until eventually, airflow is obstructed and bacteria starts to build up.

The filter that's meant to help you breathe easy could become a health hazard if it's not replaced when it needs to be.

Your cabin filter gets dirtier the more air it filters, and it needs to be replaced routinely on your Chrysler PT Cruiser – approximately once per year. The environment you drive in can affect how quickly your cabin filter becomes dirty so get it checked regularly.

When you need a new cabin filter, reach out to AutoGuru!

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