MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio Brake wheel cylinder replacement

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MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio Brake wheel cylinder replacement

Do MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio brake wheel cylinders need to be replaced?

If your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio has drum brakes then there may come a time when the brake wheel cylinders need to be replaced.

Some modern vehicles have brake drums on the rear and others have brake rotors on the front and rear. If your City Coupe/Cabrio City Coupe/Cabrio has brake drums you will have brake wheel cylinders located inside the brake drum. 

The drum brakes on your MCC/Smart have brake wheel cylinders that use pistons to push the brake shoe linings against the drums, which is how your car comes to a stop.

The brake wheel cylinders on your MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio can wear out over time, seize or start to leak brake fluid, and will need to be replaced.

You may notice a spongy brake pedal, locked up brakes, brake fluid leak at wheels or the MCC/Smart City Coupe/Cabrio might not brake as well as it should. If this happens the brake wheel cylinders may need to be replaced.

When it’s time for your brake wheel cylinder replacement, it’s good to have AutoGuru on your side.

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