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Haval H9 Brake system flush

Why is it important to get a Haval H9 brake system flush?

One of the most overlooked components in a Haval H9 service is the brake fluid.

This fluid transfers the pressure applied to the brake pedal and uses it to force the brake pads or shoes against the rotors or drums and allow the vehicle to slow down and stop.

If not changed at recommended intervals, this fluid can absorb moisture and other contaminants, which reduce its effectiveness – which, in simple terms, means your brakes won’t work as well as they should.

Carrying out a brake system flush will ensure they are operating as well as possible.

A full braking system flush on a Haval H9 usually starts around the $80 mark and can increase to $120+.

The brake fluid is usually inspected/tested as part of a service and it's recommended to be replaced if a mechanic advises it needs to be done otherwise, it should be replaced at the specified interval time outlined in the Haval H9 service guidelines.



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